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Konzeption, Entwicklung und
Programmierung von
Augmented Reality & Virtual
Reality Anwendungen, mobile

IT, Software/App Entwicklung

Martin Maurer

Marc Durstewitz
Telefon: 0176 – 87808658
email: marc@empea.de

We are empea. It is our desire to merge digital and real worlds. Reality
itself is brilliant, but why not enhance it? Doing it just because it is
possible would not be enough. We want to change how we interact with
data as a whole. Mouse and Keyboard, well it’s 30+ yrs old. We think that
we all can do better. We just need the right technology that actually solves
problems and eases our daily life – because digital content is inevitably
an integrated part already. This is why we are constantly blending worlds,
tinker around with new forms of interaction and have a great time in
making smart devices even smarter. Join us and have a look what we
are doing in the fields of augmented and virtual reality!

Augmented Reality
.. turns dumb lenses into smart eyes. Think of it as an additional sense,
that can be used by your smartphone. Yes, this means your smartphone
can see, thanks to AR. Seeing is an essential sense to us, when it comes
to understanding our environment and interacting with whatever surrounds
us. Likewise are smartphones now even smarter because they can react
context-wise on what the focus of the camera is pointed at. They can
actively distinguish what they are looking at and provide us with
information from databases. Try LeYo! It is a good product, intuitively
explaining the technology while exploring a book.

Virtual Reality
.. essentially allows you to be at places you could ether not reach or that
simply don’t exist. Why now, you may ask, since the idea of VR has been
around for almost decades. As precise as the question is, as clear is the
answer to it. It finally works. Low cost, lightweight head-mounted devices,
packed with sensors, powered by the ever increasing processor and
energy power of our smartphones enable ultra immersive environments.
Near to zero latency when you move your head in combination with a
increase field of view. These are the building bricks that did not exist a
few years ago. Today, they are freely available.

.. help you grow your own business. We have seen a lot of roadblocks, we
even saw dead ends. Our services and consulting helps you avoiding
these pitfalls and make sure that you don’t need to do the heavy lifting.
Although there are excellent, well maintained and documented
development kits, one needs to see the bigger picture. It is essential to
understand the implications when combining tools. Additionally one needs
to anticipate certain structures when working on large scale AR and VR
projects. This is where we offer or service. Hands on support, designing
infrastructure or translating business into functional requirements.

The Team
empea currently consist of four heads.The four areas technology, business
and legal, communication, art and concept are the very core of our
company and thus assigned to permanent employees. It is surely not
possible to run all operative work on such a small team alone. Therefore
do we hire skilled people depending on our needs. This has an advantage
when it comes to costs – but the even bigger advantage is fresh thoughts.
By carefully hiring people who „how know“ and not people „who learn“ do
we constantly reevaluate our own approach, question our ideas and get
suggestions we might have missed otherwise.